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Make Trades Great Again

Eric Aune, Andy Mickelson

Welcome to Make Trades Great Again! Join Eric and Andy, seasoned plumbing and heating contractors turned business owners, as they dive deep into the world of skilled trades careers.

If you're passionate about building a successful service business or considering starting your own venture in the skilled trades industry, smash that subscribe button. With their wealth of experience and expertise, Eric and Andy share invaluable insights on everything from launching your own business, setting competitive rates, and navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Discover the secrets to thriving in the competitive trades landscape as Eric and Andy unravel practical tips, proven strategies, and real-life anecdotes that will fuel your journey towards excellence. Whether you're an aspiring tradesperson, a seasoned professional, or simply intrigued by the fascinating world of skilled trades, this podcast is your go-to resource for success.

Tune in twice a week for engaging discussions, in-depth interviews with industry leaders, and step-by-step guidance on investing wisely in your trade business. We'll explore essential topics like financial management, client relations, staying updated with industry advancements, and much more.

"Make Trades Great Again" is available on all major podcast platforms, ensuring you never miss a chance to level up your career in the trades. Let Eric and Andy empower you to take charge of your professional destiny and carve a rewarding path in the world of skilled trades. Get ready to transform your passion into a thriving and profitable venture!